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Free Empire of Pruzha

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Free Empire of Pruzha


The Free Empire of Pruzha is an Imperial Power in the West of Inner Patriam. Pruzha began as a small city state among many on the Alpanian Continent. The small city state was constantly fighting with neighbouring states due to Pruzha's strategic location and large port, forcing Pruzhan culture to develop deeply towards a militaristic society. Like most nations, Pruzha is regarded as having it's origins in the mythical Kingdom of Argonia, whose inhabitants fled the sinking Kingdom in ancient times. Ancient artefacts in Pruzha and across the Alpanian continent all contain references to Argonia or is similar to others found across Inner Patriam and beyond. Pruzha would slowly begin to expand it's borders further than the great walls of it's city, conquering the surrounding City States in fierce and bloody wars. Over the course of a couple centuries Pruzha had managed to almost unite the entire continent, as well as establishing colonies in the neighbouring Afana to the East. Pruzha would continue to expand it's borders across Inner Patriam, often coming into clashes with Great Empires such as Norkinia, Akaria, Pacis and Quiche.

Culture and Architecture

Pruzhan arcitecture on their homeland of Alpania regularly "becomes one with the forest". Pruzhan architects and builders work with the forest to create incredible buildings not seen outside their lands. They don't aim harm the environment of Alpania, instead helping nurture it while giving themselves a place to live and thrive.

World Wonder

Pruzha's Capital is home to The Great Farms of Pruzha, widely considered to be a World Wonder.


The Pruzhan Military is vast, consisting of a variety of soldiers from across the Pruzhan Empire, as well as a large navy. On multiple occasions The Pruzhan Military has engaged in skirmishes, on land and at sea, with it's rival superpower, The Norkinian Empire.