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Patriam Origin Story

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2841. The galaxy is in turmoil. A civil war between the Far-Right Kashaki House and the Centralist Ubari House Galactic Republic has broken out. Trillions of people die in the bloody and violent conflicts that ensue. Entire worlds are glassed, people are subjugated, butchered and enslaved, Galactic trade breaks down, planets and systems cede from the Ubari to either join the Kashaki or become independent. The colossal fleets of the two warring parties clash across the stars. But then, the calamity. A weapon unlike any seen before created by Heinrich Undabaar, the leading weapons scientist of the Ubari Galactic Republic. This weapon could target any atom in the galaxy, and obliterate it using a powerful laser. Although this laser would disintegrate any other atoms in its path. Built in the orbit of Earth the weapon dubbed “Zeus’s Thunderbolt” was able to decimate any Kashaki targets at a moment's notice, taking thirty seconds to charge and fire, with the laser travelling at 10,000,000 to the power of 50 times the speed of light. Instantly obliterating anything within the galaxy. However, Heinrich Undabaar refused to allow the Ubari to use the weapon, stating that if it were to be used there was a chance the weapon could annihilate everything in the galaxy. Disassembling every single atom. But the Ubari were losing the war. Heinrich was arrested for high treason and sentenced to 1000 life sentences but died when an explosion destroyed the Galactic Capital Court on Earth, in what the Ubari described as a tragic accident. The Ubari now had full control over the weapon They targeted the Kashaki home planet of Idai. Although the weapon was not properly calibrated and the Ubari used the weapon incorrectly. Heinrich had died with the knowledge of how to safely fire the weapon but couldn’t bring himself to end the lives of so many and only wanted to use the weapon as a deterrent. The weapon fired. For a moment it’s bright blue beam illuminating the cosmos like a great thunderbolt, like its namesake. The beautiful sight was spectacular, and then the weapon combusted, the blast instantly glassing Earth and the surrounding celestial bodies the sun imploded into a supernova, the huge blast of energy travelled with the laser and burst out in all directions, flipping planetary magnetic fields, breaking apart planets and starts, destroying any electrical equipment, which most things were. Intelligent AI, supercomputers, thousands of years of knowledge, extinguished.

The galaxy fell silent, life ceased to exist. It became cold, dark and desolate. A place of barren, and ruined planets, some now covered in magma, forever uninhabitable again. Some broke apart, their pieces flying into other planets. But one survived. Patriam On the far outskirts of the galaxy the planets poles had not been flipped. Although the effects of the blast broke apart the land of Patriam some Humans survived. Although they had nothing. No technology, everything was destroyed. Thousands of years passed while Patriam endured a stone-age like period.