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1rubberducky2 is a Patriam Mod who has been with the server since January 12th, 2020. As well as being a mod, he is also a builder and the Events and Quests Planner. His discord tag is Quack-Attack#5514 and he can be dmed with any questions you have about the server. He leads the faction Pacis, which has had many great achievements under his guidance.


Built a world wonder.

Helped to find the first Storyline-based Precursor site.


The way 1rubberducky2 found Patriam was through Alex, one of the owners. They had first met as staff on MCThrones, when the server collapsed, Alex and Rubber separated for their own projects. Rubber helped develop a new server called Deltarift, which lasted a while but never actually launched. He then moved on to trying to revive the project with Deltarift - Retold. Then in the beginning of January, Alex approached him and asked about joining Patriam. Rubber then applied for helper which was accepted after a few days. Rubber applied for builder shortly after and was also accepted. After Patriam and Deltarift - Retold merged, Rubber was shortly promoted to moderator to replace Ninjagoat. When Patriam was in need of quests and events, he offered to do it, and became the Events and Quests planner.

Rank History

Became Helper - 1/12/20

Became the Events and Quests Planner - 1/13/20

Became a Builder - 1/26/20

Promoted to Mod - 1/31/20

Significant Contributions to the server

Updated the Jobs plugin.

Updated the Brewery plugin.

Made the terrain in Ketan.

Created the Quests.

Wrote the Tutorial.

Got the shops in Ketan changed to NPC shops.

Planned the Easter Event 2020.

Created the Current Patriam Logo.

Made the Precursor Block Textures.

Built a lot of Precursor sites.

Made the first Patriam Trailer.