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Aelo Senkaris

From Patriam
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The Aelo Senkarites descend from the ancient civilization of Saritius (Southern Kallonia). Groups of voyagers from Saritius traveled in fleets across the South Aeloen Sea, eventually arriving in southeast Aeloen. Here, the Saritians settled and built a port town called Daltus. The Aelo Senkarite culture is a mix between Saritius and the native culture. Adventurousness is the most valued trait in the mainland. There is a common saying, "Unseen paths are paved with gold until proven otherwise." True to this view, the Aelo Senkarites have traveled to the farthest corners of Patriam, from Watol, to Norkinia, to Wurtum. They have even made settlements in the Wate Isles. The people follow Orthodox Omeganism, believing that both deities (Omega and Epsilon) are equal in power yet opposite in nature. Debauchery and drunkenness are rarely frowned upon; they are often encouraged. However, the taverns rarely carry any heavy drinks, and if they do then it was probably imported from Alexia or Ketan. Most food comes from hunting game near the volcano, but farming cash crops is the state's primary source of income. If you ever want to make a treaty with the Aelo Senkarites, remember that the strongest pacts are sealed with a pint of aged beer.