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Easter Event 2020

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Egg Hunt 2020

The Easter Egg Hunt of 2020 was the first event since the opening of Patriam. It consisted of "eggs" (blocks of wool) being placed around the world with a sign holding a random code on it. The codes were generally something along the lines of "Starfish 27" or some other random words and numbers. There were a total of 93 eggs placed at various locations around the map. One of the eggs was different, it was the Golden Egg. It had the best prize and was hidden in the remains of Venuste. The event lasted from April 12th through April 13th and had eight participants.

As well as the egg hunt, there were a few other features as well. The store had a sale of 20% off of all purchases during Easter weekend. The Enchanter NPC returned and sold mending books, among other things.


Player Eggs Found
SeanMG175 26
Acariaus 23
stne 21
PrincessFlu 10
SirScuffle 6
sayalex13 3
MavelousGuy 2
Xavier134 1

Random Statistics

  • 92 out of the 93 eggs hidden were found.
  • The Golden Egg was found within 66 minutes.
  • 3 eggs were gifted to someone else.
  • The most eggs were in Ketan and Pruzha, each one having 13 eggs respectfully.
  • The person who found the worst egg was PrincessFlu, who got a single bowl from it.
  • The best loot was typically found at abandoned areas.

The Unfound Egg

There was one egg not found during the event. This egg was hidden in the Alpanis Isles branch of the Kingdom of Svordin. It had the code "Mega Egga" and was red. The Reward that would've been gotten from finding it was $750.

The Final Unfound Egg

Original Discord Post

Happy Easter!
Easter has begun and the easter bunny has left eggs all around the server for you to find! Each egg will have a reward inside, so be on the lookout!

The eggs are hidden in faction land or abandoned factions such as Quiche. You are allowed to go to other people's lands to look for eggs without getting a trespassing CB. Once you have found an egg, you may claim its reward.

Claiming a reward

1. You need to find an egg! Eggs are pieces of wool with signs on them. Look around in your faction land and you should be able to find a few!

2. Once you have found an egg, look at the sign on it. Make note of the code it says.

3. DM @Quack-Attack#5514 with the code and where you found it. You will be notified what reward you will recieve. You will get the reward after the event has ended.

4. Keep hunting! There are many eggs out there for you to find!

The Golden Egg
The golden egg is the rarest and most valuable egg in the hunt. It is represented by a golden block. This egg is hidden where most people don't visit. To claim it, send @Quack-Attack#5514 a screenshot of it, and you will recieve the reward! As well as an announcement saying that you found it!

You will have 2 days (Easter and the day after) from the time of this announcement to find all the eggs!

Don't forget, Donator Ranks are on sale too!

Each egg can only be claimed once. Be fast!

Have fun everyone and happy easter!