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gerber11 otherwise known as Ryan ingame and on Discord is one of the two founding Patriam Owners who has been with the server since September 30, 2019. He is an equal owner and partner of Patriam with Alex, the other owner; each owning 50% of the server and its assets. Ryan is also the current [Staff Manager] and a (new and inexperienced) Java Developer. His discord tag is Ryan#6907 and can be direct messaged on Discord for any question one may have. He leads the server faction Ketan, which is the current spawn.


Owner - Running day to day operations with Alex
Financial Manager - Manages all the financials of Patriam. Webstore package management, donations, funding allocation. (All alongside Alex)
Staff Manager - Running day to day operations of the staff team and application management
Discord Manager - Manages the formatting and permissions of the Patriam Discord
"Backend" Manager/Dev - Managing all backend plugins for the Patriam MC server. Permissions, plugin configuration, plugin setup, etc.
Java Developer - Rather inexperienced and new to Java development but has the ability to create a custom Minecraft plugin
Web Developer - Developing and managing the Patriam website page(s)

Notable Contributions to the Server

Due to his rank and responsibilities above. He is involved in literally all aspects of the server and therefore a part of everything that goes on. So here is a list of more notable and specific things.

Created the Patriam's Server Info and Tutorial
Ryan's many server contributions can only be quantified on the Changelog Reports


Ryan found out about Patriam through Alex. The server was literally broken like scrambled eggs. So he came in and revised it using his many years of server management and configuration skills. That was the day that Patriam was truly born and has since developed into a lasting masterpiece. Due to his significant contributions to the overall continuity and progression of the server, he was offered 50% share of Patriam and its assets. Ryan and Alex have known each other for close to or even past 7 years now. Neither of them know anymore. They met through Minecraft and have been playing together in Minecraft for years. Ryan created whats called The Crew which is a small group of 5 people (including Ryan) who have known each other for at least 6 years, majority closing on 7 years. (If you look close enough at the Patriam Discord, you'll find a one of The Crew members lurking.) - For this very reason, it was not a difficult decision to bring me on and make Ryan partner in the Patriam adventure.

Ryan has since managed the Website pages (Portal, Forums, Ban Page, etc.), domain, Discord, Minecraft server, financials, and any integrations since. Its all history now and he only looks forward to the future alongside his longtime buddy Alex!