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Pacis is the largest faction in mainland Kallonia. It holds many grand builds and holds some of the most active members. The name is shortened from Hominēs Pacis, which translates from Pacis' native language of Latin to "The People of Peace". Their nation was named this cause they aim to be a peaceful faction, staying out of wars and conflicts whenever possible.

Pacis is lead by the mod 1rubberducky2, who as well as building up Pacis, makes the server of Patriam a more enjoyable place to play on.

Timeline of Events

3/20/20 - Pacis Created
3/21/20 - Pacis, The Kingdom of Alexia, Durghati, and Aeloenthorpe meet to discuss and form an alliance with eachother.
3/22/20 - Pacis and Alexia meet with AeloSenkaris and form an alliance.
3/23/20 - Pacis and Pruzha meet and form an alliance.
3/23/20 - The first build of Pacis, the Town Hall is built.
3/24/20 - Pacis and Venuste make an alliance.
3/24/20 - Svordin and Pacis form an alliance.
3/26/20 - The CSTO is formed.
3/26/20 - Pacis, Venuste, Alexia, and AeloSenkaris discover the first storyline precursor monument.
3/27/20 - Pacis and Alexia meet with Quiche for an alliance. Quiche rejects both Pacis and Alexia and threatens them with war.
3/27/20 - Pacis finishes constructing the biggest brewery on the server.
4/6/20 - Lorealeia and Pacis meet to form an alliance.
4/10/20 - Mykhos and Pacis form an alliance.
4/10/20 - Pacis and Arleia ally.
4/17/20 - The Third World Wonder of Patriam, Colosseum, is built.
4/20/20 - Mykhos gives Pacis its lands, and MightyKan joins Pacis.
4/20/20 - Pacis and Babylon form an alliance.
4/21/20 - Pacis and TheFallen form an alliance.
4/21/20 - Pacis and Ursur form an alliance.
4/29/20 - Pacis wins the first build competition with the Acropolis.
5/3/20 - Pacis and Hei ally.
5/3/20 - Pacis attends the first G9 CSTO meeting.

Significant Buildings

The First Building of Pacis, The Town Hall.

The Pacis Town Hall

The Biggest Brewery on the Server.

The Pacis Brewery

Pacis' first world wonder, The Colosseum.

The Pacis Colosseum, World Wonder.

Roleplay stuff


The religion of Pacis is a mix of Christianity (the belief of 1 god that created everything) and Omeganism (the worship of Omega and Epsilon as deities of our world). But they also let the citizens pursue whichever religions they want if they wish. There are multiple churches and shrines for our religions around our nation's land so you can worship whenever you need.


The Culture of Pacis is complex and unique. They believe in peace, not war. They hope that by doing this, other nations will understand and respect us as Pacis grows. Pacis is a compromising nation who will try to work with others to keep the peace. Many of the people are traders or workers. The workers gather things like wood, stone, food, ores, and other commodities for the traders. The traders then take these goods and travel over trade routes to other countries to sell and buy other goods that cannot be obtained in Pacis. Due to this, Pacis is a rich nation, where they hope to be able to provide financial support to our members, in the hopes that they will soon do the same.


Pacis does not have a massive military, this is due to their desire to stay peaceful, but they do have a military to protect our land if needed. Our military goes as follows:
We have our Contubernium, which are tent groups consisting of 8 men.
We have our Centuria, which are groups of 10 Contubernium (80 men) lead by a Centurion.
We have our Cohorts, which consist of 6 Centuriae, which totals to about 480 fighting men.
We have our Legio, or legions, which consist of 10 Cohorts, up to a total of 4,800 men.
We also have a 120 man group called the Eques Legionis with every Legio, who act as permanent scouts and messengers for the field.

Our military is small, and we hope to not have to use it, but we will if there is a need for it to protect our homeland!


Our government type is a Republic. This is a reflection of the modern-day Democracy. A republic was the first type of democratic government used. It was established in Rome about 500 BC. This government relies on the people to elect officials to the senate, who then elect one to two consuls to lead the nation. Our consuls will never be able to make massive decisions on their own and instead must confer with the senate beforehand. This type of government makes sure to not let someone too power-hungry get in charge.


History​ Our peoples have been around for over a thousand years, about 1300 years, to be exact. We started off as nomads and wanderers, exploring the world and trying to survive. As our population grew, we were unable to find food and shelter for near 3,000 people. It was at this point we began settling. A group settled where Pacis is now about 300 years ago. In the beginning, our architecture was scrambled, a wooden hut here, a stone hut there, it was chaos. This brought a need for the Builder's Commission, a group of architects devoted to making our lands beautiful. They decided our style would be the same as a few buildings in the small community, Roman. The Builder's Commission grew and grew until it became the government of a land now called Pacis, with one leader at the top, Atticus Tullius Crispus. He was our Monarch, and a good one at that.

Atticus Tullius Crispus
Atticus Tullius Crispus, first king of Pacis.

Crispus ruled us for many years, until about 240 years ago, when an evil warlord beheaded him and took over Pacis. He forced his religion upon us, Omeganism, and anyone who didn't follow it were executed. It was a horrible time. After 152 years of the warlord's family ruling over Pacis, a new challenger arrived. Marcus Octavius Nero was our hero, he liberated us from the warlord's regime and took over.

Marcus Octavius Nero
Marcus Octavius Nero, the savior of Pacis.

He kept our city safe and in peace, and this is where we get the name Pacis, from our hatred of warmongers and scoundrels, we will stay in peace so we don't end up like the warlord and his family. After years of ruling us like our first king, Crispus, Nero did a strange and unheard-of thing, he stepped down. And in place of the monarchy, he formed the republic. 74 years ago the Republic was formed. It gave everyone equal power to decide things in government, and it also helped to make sure nobody like the Warlord took over again.