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The Pacis Colosseum

stne's skin as of 14/04/2020

One day, Lt_Col_Alex asked stne if he wanted to duel. This duel would take place at the Pacis Colosseum which was being built by 1rubberducky2 and was still under construction. stne accepted the duel and Lt_Col_Alex gave him a duplicate of his kit to 1v1. A lot of people attented to spectate and fight each other in the duels, and of those people, the players I remember coming over were: SeanMG175, SirScuffle, 1rubberducky2 and Acariaus.

Lt_Col_Alex fought stne and Lt_Col_Alex won the 1v1, mostly due to stne's inexperience in 1.9 combat mechanics and due to the lag that the Windows 10 Screen Recorder gave him. It was a major disadvantage to stne. You can watch the 1v1 on stne's channel here:

And then everyone else took turns fighting each other, as you can see with this video:, but then we get to the real bit.
When stne was just spectating the duels like everyone else, SirScuffle, King of the Kingdom of Alexia killed stne like 3 times and gave stne a Murder CB. Doing this, stne had his power drained to a very low amount and had to do a lot of AFKing to get it back to normal. If you watch the video, the proof is there for the Murder CB. The problem is that I can't even settle a CB because I would get demolished.

a bit of Story time ! ! !

stne first joined Patriam on the 3rd of April 2020 after seeing a post on Planet Minecraft advertising the Patriam server made by a known member known as St_Seus, or just Seus by the users of Patriam. After joining the server and getting to know a bit about Patriam, stne decided to join the Discord and after being welcomed by Seus and Lt_Col_Alex, stne asked if it was possible to join Seus's old nation which used to be known as Brunello.
Brunello was later disbanded and taken by the Kingdom of Alexia, and after asking Seus why Brunello was disbanded, I quote:
i disbanded it. i got bored of it. theres not really much to do, when your floating in the sea and im so used to arab nations.

Seus was open to new members and happily invited stne to Brunello. stne gladly joined but after being shown around, he stated that he expected Brunello to be bigger in size, and in players. Since at the time, stne was the only other member in the nation of Brunello, and the size was rather small. Being in the middle of the sea and all, under a large cove with islands which consists of Kingdom of Alexia, Pacis and Zepheria. stne decided to kindly leave with the ambition of creating his own nation.

And so, stne already had an idea of the isles he wanted to sail to, and there he sailed. The Senkarian Major was an instant idea, since inside the Senkarian Major, there is a river going down through into the middle and the middle consisted of isles. One big one, and 3 other little ones surrounding them. This would limit the possible plan of war since a massive desert blocks the path, and would take more time and hunger to reach there so there is a chance to prepare and defend the lands. He sailed on a boat from Brunello to the Senkarian Major's isles. He had to traverse through the flat, sandy and dead terrain of the massive desert surrounding the isles with plenty of cacti to hurt you if you accidentally wandered into it. On empty hands with no food left, he was left walking through the sand and once he reached the lake inside the Senkarian Major, he put down his boat and sailed to one of the isles. And once he reached there, the night had already fallen and a skeleton welcomed him with a barrage of arrows. Without thinking, he instantly /sethome incase of death. And sure enough, the mobs there killed stne and drained his faction power.

He hid in a hole till the night time had ended and the sun to shine so that there would be no fear to come out and build on his land. Once he came out of his hidey-hole in the ground, he created the faction of which, on the spot, he thought of the name Islarai. He built a little temporary shack out of anything he could possibly find in his inventory, of which being diorite, dirt and wood so he could stay in his home comfortably. He used slabs for the windows which got him killed since the skeletons could shoot through the holes and drained his faction power once again.

Acariaus asked stne to join his faction and of which at the time was named Arceus, but was later renamed to Arleia. stne checked out his faction and see what he had in store for him and decided to disband Islarai and join Arceus. Acariaus was in it, not to have fun, but in his words he said that he wanted to win over all. He also stated that he is cynical and does not trust players usually. Arceus had a large sugarcane farm to gain profit. After telling stne about how serious his faction was, Acariaus later asked what stne intended to do when he joined Patriam. stne replied by saying that he wanted to pretty much build and rule lands. And because of that, Acariaus then politely said that he should leave, seeing how he may "put stne down in actively playing". Acariaus gave stne $1,500 of ingame cash and an iron set of armor. stne thanked Acariaus and left, to go sail back to the old lands of what was Islarai and rebuild. stne remade the faction and claimed the old shack again.